Why Is This Program Important? 

People of color have higher cancer mortality.  Training Rhode Island high school students of color to be future leaders in cancer care will reduce this disparity. 

Process & Requirements

Application Process
  • Sophomore students should complete the online application form as soon as possible. The application deadline is February 1st, 2024. 
  • Students will be selected by the Future Gen committee and their high school.
Program Requirements
  • Applicants for this program should be Latinx, Black, Native American or Indigenous People of Color, in their sophomore year in a public school in Providence, Central Falls or Pawtucket. 
  • Please contact the program if you are hoping to participate but you are not certain if your school or enrollment status falls within these guidelines.

Summer Program

Overview & Goals
Nomination Process

After completing the online application, students will be selected by the Future Gen Committee and their high schools.

Professional Pairing

To model appreciation of hard work, respect, and doctor patient relationship, each student will be paired with a single clinical hematologist/oncologist.


Didactics and reading assignments will be included. The average day will be 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Among the skills scholars will observe include taking a history and physical examination, reviewing the medical literature, analyzing data including laboratory and radiologic studies.


Observations of experienced, skilled and compassionate physicians taking histories, teaching and instructing patients will have lifelong impact.

Sample Small Group Lecture Topics
  • Inequities in Cancer Care
  • Overview of Common Cancers
  • Clinical Trial Overviews (including ethics)
  • Basic Cancer Treatments
  • Genetic Alternations
  • Immunology 101
  • Environmental Carcinogens
Laboratory Core of Summer Program
  • Goal is to inspire BIPOC students to be scientists 
  • Shadowing with senior scientists, their PhDs and graduate students
  • See molecular biology techniques such as growth of cancer cells in cultures and single cell analysis using very high technology equipment such as flow cytometry and Cytof
  • Provide examples using familiar tests (such as explaining a rapid antigen IHC test versus a PCR test for COVID)
  • LCI cancer research mentors  will work with the scholar to understand the basics of designing, conducting and analyzing a laboratory experiment


Frequently Asked Questions
Do I get paid while being part of this program?

You will be hired by Lifespan and will be paid an hourly wage for your hours of participation. Your transportation will also be reimbursed. The Papitto Opportunity Connection is generously supporting this program.

Can I still participate in the program if I need to be away for a week during the 6-week summer program?

Please indicate the reason for your potential absence in your application. It is expected that scholars participate at least 5 weeks during this period, 3-4 days per week, approximately 8am – 3pm.

How do I apply?

Please complete the online application form. Your high school will then select and nominate candidates. Please contact the Future Gen Cancer Scholars program if you are not sure of your eligibility.